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Website Design


Answer Your Community's

Questions Before They Even Ask

At Ecclesia Creative, we understand how important it is that your organization is seen as an involved cultural leader in your industry and city.  The first step toward making this a reality is to build an online foundation that resembles your organization's goals.  How is this accomplished?  By creating a website!

Building a website is about much more than just showing off your creative and artistic visual style, displaying your photos, or hosting your biography, but rather about answering your community’s questions before they even think to ask them.  At Ecclesia Creative, we call this the Psychology Of A Website.    

Research shows that an average user will make up their mind about the value of an organization based on the functionality of their website under 15 seconds.  


That is a short period of time to make an impression, and that impression is essential.  The 15-Second Rule isn’t just a theory; it is a reality, and can dramatically affect your organization’s perception, reputation, and potential functionality and/or productivity.  If a user can’t find or doesn’t see the information or content they are looking for, they will leave your website, assuming that your organization does not offer anything of value to them.  


How can this be avoided?

The solution is to anticipate your user’s questions before they even think to ask.  As a user scrolls down your website’s home page, they should have every possible initial question answered for them, leaving them happy and eager to continue exploring your organization.  

What are some of these questions?  For churches and a lot of non-profit organizations, here is a simple list of a lot of the most critical questions a user will ask the second they land on your website.


  • Who Are You?

  • Where Are You?

  • What Do You Do?

  • When Do You Do It?

  • How To Connect/Get Involved

Why Is Having A Website Essential For You

Discovery Happens Online 24/7

Quick & Easy To Update

You're In Control Of Your Image & Perception

Be Easily Accesible To Your Community

First Impressions Happen Only Once

Cost & Time Effective Visibility

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